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HRExaminer Radio

Guest: Ravi Mikkelsen
Episode: 142
Air Date: January 8, 2016


Ravi loves using data and technology to make life better for people, specifically in the areas of the workplace, clean energy, and wellness. As the founding CEO of jobFig, he has shaped how they used behavioral data for their clients and led the shift to their new API for personality, allowing companies and researchers to more quickly discover correlations between a person’s actions and their behavioral traits. He has been involved with small businesses and startups for over ten years, and was recently awarded a small development grant from the US Department of Energy for software to reduce the cost of residential solar installations.

When he isn’t developing new business ideas he likes to spend his time outdoors – usually in the woods or on the water. Ravi received a bachelors degree with honors in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Washington where he researched new materials for energy production.


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