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Episode: 39
Air Date: Nov 8, 2013
Guest: Mary Delaney


Mary has spent most of her 25 years building start up companies and teams. She currently is CEO of Luceo, a global recruitment software platform.

Prior to Luceo, Mary started Personified, a startup Careerbuilder company specializing in talent acquisition and recruitment consulting solutions. Many of the solutions created by Personified, including social media, branding, recruitment intelligence, process consulting and talent sourcing solutions, quickly became significant revenue vehicles for CareerBuilder. In Mary’s early years at Careerbuilder, she built and led the sales and corporate marketing strategies that played a key role in helping dominate the online recruitment industry.

Prior to CareerBuilder, Mary designed and executed the sales and marketing strategy for InterCall, a start-up conference communications provider. Under Mary’s decade of leadership, InterCall’s revenues grew organically from $0 to nearly $200 million, and the organization is now the industry’s global leader.

An employment and talent expert, Mary is regularly sought out to discuss hiring trends and workplace issues. She has appeared on Larry King Live, CNN, Headline News, FOX and CBS National Radio and in the Harvard Business Review.


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