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Episode: 52
Air Date: April 11, 2014
Guest: Stephen O’Donnell


After 27 years in professional recruitment, and the last 14 years running the National Online Recruitment Awards, Stephen has a keen eye for any significant tool which will impact and improve upon recruitment processes for employers. He has partnered with PeopleClues online psychometric assessments, to bring these tools to the corporate market in the UK.

“I won’t make the mistake of claiming this will “revolutionise recruitment”, because it won’t. However, it can immensely improve the way employers manage high volumes of applications efficiently”, says O’Donnell

For the first time we have a credible suite of psychometric tools which are certified by the British Psychological Society, stress-tested for high volumes of recruitment in the USA by global brands such as Aramark, Hilton and Coca-Cola. And vitally, at such a low annual license cost, every single one of thousands of candidates can be assessed online at the very beginning of the application process, and instantly scored for suitability.

Stephen O’Donnell on Linkedin and twitter.

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