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HRx Radio – Executive Conversations

Guest: Jon Ingham
Episode: 231
Air Date: March 24, 2017



Jon Ingham is a UK based consultant and trainer focusing on HR strategy and innovation, and with an increasing focus on technology.

He works globally and speaks at leading conferences around the world e.g. annual conferences for SHRM, HRPA in Canada, AHRI in Australia etc as well as HR technology conferences in US, Dubai and India. He also chaired the first three HR Tech Europe conferences. In the UK Jon provides media support for Glassdoor and has recently appeared on Sky news, BBC Breakfast news, and the Radio 4 Today programme.

Jon also writes about the changes he thinks need to take place in HR including via his Strategic HCM blog. In 2016 he co-authored an article with Dave Ulrich: Building Better HR Departments. He also has a new book out in June 2017, titled The Social Organization.


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