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HRx Radio – Executive Conversations

Guest: Matt Bingham, Vice President of Product Innovation and Strategy for Bridge
Episode: 287
Air Date: August 17, 2018



Guest Bio

Matt Bingham serves as the Vice President of Product Innovation and Strategy for Bridge, an employee development suite from the makers of Canvas. He is responsible for driving product vision and marketing for the business. An insatiable innovator, he builds teams and products that create solutions for today’s modern workforce. From meaningful talent management offerings to dynamic learning management systems, Matt and his team constantly challenge themselves to identify and meet unmet corporate needs while helping companies manage and develop their most valuable asset, their people.

Prior to Instructure, he served as Director of Product Marketing and Management for LANDESK, where he ran the emerging technologies division. With more than 18 years of experience driving product messaging, strategy, research and development for software companies, he has developed extensive experience in global product marketing, product management, digital content marketing and in building teams and partners both US-based and international.


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