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A Year of Living Dangerously HRExaminer v147

Congratulations! You survived one hell of a year in HR and Talent Management. In our last issue for 2010 we look back at the standouts for 2010 and survey the terrain for 2011.

This is The HRExaminer v1.47 for December 30, 2010.

A Year Of Living Dangerously in HR

2010 In Review

2010 In ReviewHRExaminer charts the big changes in 2010. With little fanfare and a constant rush of incremental news bites, 2010 didn't always feel like a lot was happening. In hindsight, there was a TON of structural change in the HR Industry. New powerhouses emerged. The focus of HR underwent a series of profound shifts. Years of impoverishment in marketing and sales investments began to show as structural weakness. Here are the high points of the year we are wrapping up. Read More…

2011: What's Coming?
2011 - The Year Ahead in HR It's hard work to see the future in times of upheaval. We're getting used to ass-covering as a way of doing business. You would think that highly compensated executives could do better than the ‘forecasting is dead’ point of view. In the two long years since the economic downturn started in earnest, seeing what's coming has been hard to do. These days, it's not uncommon to hear normally sensible business people talk about not having a long term view as an acceptable thing. Read More…

Gain Special Insight in 2011
Gain Special Insight in 2011 Our proposition is simple. Gain special access to what HR leaders are thinking about 2011's business changing topics. Join The HRExaminer market research team and periodically share your thoughts. Fill out the first survey and you might even win a $100 iTunes gift card. Join HRExaminer Market Research Team…

From all of us at HRExaminer, thanks for making this an amazing year.


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It’s hard work to see the future in times of upheaval. We’re getting used to ass-covering as a way of...