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We Rank 25 Online Leadership Personalities

This week we feature our first Top 25 List for 2011 – Online Influencers in Leadership. Dr. Todd Dewett provides analysis on what makes the Leadership Top 25 different from Recruiting or Top 25 Online Influencers in LeadershipHR. John Sumser covers a two part review of HumanConcepts, the organizational planning and workforce analytics company best known for their enterprise org chart software. Read this week's In The Know for a hodgepodge of nuggets, from The 5 Dumbest Management Concepts of All Time to fried chicken. Read This Week's HRExaminer Magazine

Top 25 Online Influencers in Leadership
"The new Top 25 Leadership list can be interpreted as demonstrating what I have said before: one group does not own leadership; everyone owns it. Unlike other disciplines and thought domains, leadership is the one generic body of knowledge understood and used by any and all high performing professionals." – Dr. Todd Dewett

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HumanConcepts 1
When you look out at the market for workforce HumanConcepts 1planning tools, HR Analytics and other leading edge offerings, what you see is an emphasis on sameness. Rather than predefined question sets, the HumanConcepts system makes the core data visible so that intelligent hypotheses can be made after the data is in the system. It's the difference between standardization and ad hoc query development and it works. Read Now…

HumanConcepts 2
One of the strengths of theHumanConcepts 2 HumanConcepts approach is that it doesn’t focus on the repetition of best practices. Rather, it offers a relatively blank slate from which you can ask and answer questions that actually matter to your organization. Instead of offering abstract wisdom to a closeted group of workforce planners, the tool works best when there are real problems to be solved rooted in the organization's actual performance data. Read Now…

In The Know v 2.04 HodgepodgeIn The Know v2.04 Hodgepodge
This week's five links are a collection of cats, dogs and a fried chicken. We’re working in a time of extreme social change. It’s really hard to tell the difference between noise and information. Even honesty and integrity are hard to fathom. In this sort of climate, people search desperately for a box to fit into. That's where dumb management concepts and fried chicken come in. Read Now…

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