Analyze this HR! HRExaminer Weekly Edition v2.05

Analyze this HR! A better, more self-aware HR industry

We start this week with a ground breaking survey led by newly formed HRXAnalysts. Joining our new panel is easy and you'll uncover hidden knowledge that could unlock your team's full potential. We've also got two great posts from Editorial Advisory Board contributors Colin Kingsbury and Steve Smith who take on corporate career sites and obstreperous Millennials. Ouch, that hurt didn't it? Let us soothe the way into your weekend then with John's In the Know column on changing management styles. Read This Week's HRExaminer Magazine

Top 25 Online Influencers in Leadership Feature – Build a better, more self-aware HR industry
Have you ever wondered about the disconnect between what you need and what HR Technology companies provide? This year, HRXAnalysts is launching the first ever comprehensive survey of the demographics, psychographics and brand preferences of the HR Industry. Read Now…

Colin Kingsbury on HRExaminerEliminate the Black Hole — Improving Your Corporate Career Site

"I've been thinking a lot lately about corporate career websites – and specifically, how to make them truly inspiring and captivating to jobseekers."
– Colin W. Kingsbury Read Now…

Mad Men HR: What Can Don Draper Teach Us About Talent?
HumanConcepts 2
"You can complain about obstreperous Millennials all you want, but this is not just a generational trait. I actually think it is more a difference in communication styles. Top performers are always going to be restless and wanting more. Those actually seem like good qualities to me. Why wouldn't you want ambitious employees who are hungry for more?" – Steve Smith Read Now…

In The Know v 2.05: Changing Management Styles
In The Know v2.04 HodgepodgeFollowing up on last week's edition of In The Know, we have another 'fistful' of notable movements in the management universe. Read Now…

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