TRU Boorman & The Employer Brand - HRExaminer Weekly Edition
We're not sure if explosive chaos and sausage should be used in the same article but Mr. Sumser has gone and done it anyway. And it's about Bill Boorman, Top 100 influencer, speaker of the #tru, maker of un, and super connector in the global recruiting marketplace. Plus, read the HRExaminer series on employer branding that looks back, forward and sideways. You might not want to see this week's issue being made, but it's sure fun to read. Read This Week's HRExaminer Magazine

social media reconsidered - againTop 100 v 1.75 Bill Boorman
Explosive chaos. That's what the first days of the universe were like. Explosive chaos with a kajillion undifferentiated moving parts. That's how the creative forces of nature work. Never pretty, rarely rational. Science was invented to try to describe creative processes. They are like the proverbial sausage factory. What goes into sausage making is somewhat less pleasant than the final output. Hanging out with Bill Boorman is like a visit to the start of the universe or a close inspection of a sausage factory.
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#trulondon with John Sumser Traffic Development
Traffic Development is the yin to the Employment Branding yang. Without adequate quantities of the right traffic (on the web and through the recruiting shop), there is little chance that the right quality of candidate will emerge in your database. Not all traffic is created equal. Read Now…

I've Fallen Into A Silo, Help
does software matter anymoreThe response was so quick, it made my head spin. The other day, I was talking to a colleague who is trying to solve a very difficult problem. Essentially, the core objectives of the business are creating a tidal wave of attrition. I told my colleague that he needed to talk with 'a guy I know who does employment branding'. He responded by explaining to me that this wasn't an employment branding problem, that it could be solved by more clearly defining performance requirements. Read Now…

slow work on hrexaminerEmployment Branding (again)
The focus on being a generic "employer of choice" is an inadequate vision. Brands only matter to the people who care about them. Read Now…

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Top 100 v 1.75 Bill Boorman

Top 100 v 1.75 Bill Boorman Explosive chaos. That’s what the first days of the universe were like. Explosive chaos with...