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We have the latest on digital influence with Top 25 HR Digital Influencers for 2011the third edition of the Top 25 List for HR. This Top 25 is significant because we have more data (back to 2009) than any other list and the story these numbers tell may lead us to what online influence really means.

"Here We Go" is about Discovering The HR Professional of 2011. It covers the launch of a new in-depth psychographic study of HR Professionals, a report that explores unchartered waters and finds a sea full of tangible and surprising facts about what HR thinks and feels.

Read Rusty Rueff, who joins our HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board thisRusty Rueff on HRExaminer week - you'll quickly see why he practiced HR at the highest levels for some of the most successful corporations in America. Now Rusty works from the outside, passing on his hard won lessons to former peers on how to transform their own HR effort.

Jim Holincheck on HRExaminerWe wrap with a quick nod to HCM aficionados. Managing VP at Gartner Research, Jim Holincheck, covers back to front ideas and how they can help your HR or Talent Management organization.
Jim Holincheck on Back to Front Ideas

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