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Top 25 Online Influencers in Recruiting v3.0
Top 25 Online Influencers in Recruiting v3.0"...The people who are influential in social media are influential among themselves. That's not that different from other trend setting demographics. The trendsetters are always trendier amongst themselves than they are with the public at large. That's why they are trendsetters." - John Sumser Read Now »

Training—Why Do We Waste So Much Money?Training—Why Do We Waste So Much Money? "When do the right people need training? There is only one good answer: when it is needed! Unfortunately, we supply it when it is available, when the learner's schedule allows, when the budget is approved, etc. Simple fact – the more time that exists between the emergence of a genuine need and the application of training, the less effective the training will be." - Dr. Todd Dewett Read Now »

Referrals 1
Referrals 1 on HRExaminerReferrals, like any recruiting methodology have their place. They can be powerfully useful. They can also cause culture-rot if managed without care. Read Now »

Referrals 2
Referrals 2 on HRExaminer"This new form of referral, divorced from all of its social intimacy, is the crap that many social media recruiting tools are peddling..."
- John Sumser Read Now »

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