HR Confidential - What Happens When HR Secrets affect You?
HR is full of confidential information, what you do with it is the focus of this week's HRExaminer and Poll. Bob Corlett discusses what to do when your star employee leaves and John Sumser covers Influence Fatigue, Bersin Impact and HREvolution.

HRExam Poll: Comp Data Confidential
HRExam Poll Comp Data ConfidentialAmong the critical and confidential chores that the HR executive must navigate, their broad access to employee and executive personal data (like pay) is one of the trickiest ethical environments. It's only human to absorb some of the data in a personal way. How one handles this professionally is the difference between a powerful bit of organizational leverage and effective execution of the role. Read Now »

Vote Now in HRExaminer's poll on HR Comp DataYour Turn To Vote - Comp Data Confidential
The HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board has weighed in. It's your turn to vote. Scenario: You are the VP of HR conducting compensation surveys in your company's market. You discover the executives in your company make about 80% of salary and stock options that the same people at comparable companies make. But you make only 50% with no stock options. What do you do? Vote Now »

They Resigned, Now What? Bob Corlett - Bob Corlett on HRExaminerThey Resigned, Now What? Bob Corlett
When one of your top people resigns, your reptile brain goes into overdrive. Your cheeks flush, your mind swirls with emotions — anger, surprise, disappointment, maybe even embarrassment — and questions, always the questions. There are lots of ways for what comes next to go badly. But consider the possibility that a resignation is an opportunity. Read Now »

More about influence
More about influence - influence fatigueInfluence fatigue. To say that the topic of influence has been flogged within an inch of its death is to deeply understate the volumes of smoke that have billowed out of the conversation. Rich intensity and strong opinion are the characteristics of a debate which featured magnificent posturing and little insight. The critical question is, 'why should you care about influence'? Read Now »

HREvolution and Bersin Impact
HREvolution and Bersin ImpactSo, one week with two extremely complementary events. If you were betting on money and deal flow, you'd head to the Bersin event. If you were building long term relationships with the next generation of leaders, you'd focus on HREvolution. Smart participants in the industry need to do both. Read Now »

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Your Turn To Vote – Comp Data Confidential

The HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board has weighed in. It's your turn to vote. You are the VP of HR conducting...