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On May 20, 2011, in HRExaminer, John Sumser, Weekly, by John Sumser

Sex and the CEO: You'll Need Street Cred.
Sex and the CEO - You'll need street cred.Street credibility is an HR leader's currency that buys the right to interject themselves into sticky situations where people might think you don't belong. It's built over time and involves a good bit of give and take, and no SHRM program is going to show you how to do it. Read Now »

The Hidden Dimension ReviewedThe Hidden Dimension
With four observable native generations, and a host of immigrant cultures to boot, the modern workplace is a blend of nationalities, races and attitudes. Balancing the needs of each subgroup requires that the organization have a clear grasp of its overall culture and the relationship of the subgroup to the whole. Read the Review Now »

Dead Again: The Resume Keeps On TickingDead Again:
The Resume Keeps On Ticking

I've been writing about the Human Capital Industry for most of two decades. Over that time, I've made a lot of forecasts and predictions. A surprising number of them were right on target. Unfortunately, a fair number were way, way off. What about my predictions for the death of the resume? Read Now »

Not Your Step(ping) StoneNot Your Step(ping) Stone
This is definitely not your mother's StepStone. The re-branding of StepStone Solutions to Lumesse, designed to communicate the operation's independence (through a management buy out) from the fabled European Job Board, is symbolic of an inflection point in Lumesse's trajectory. With dramatic year over year growth in Europe, the company is ready to build on its tireless incremental growth in the United States. Read Now »

Maturity Models: Oh Grow Up.Maturity Models: Oh Grow Up.
Earlier this week I was in Austin Texas where I attended and presented at the Lumesse Customer Conference (formerly StepStone Solutions). This is a presentation on Talent Management Maturity Models from research and analysis I've conducted in my role at HRxAnalysts. Read Now »

Results: Your Turn To Vote PollResults: Your Turn To Vote Poll
Last week our Editorial Advisory Board answered a poll question for us about confidential compensation data and then we gave you a chance to cast your vote. The results are in! Take a look at the results and drop us a note with any additional comments you have. Read Now »

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Maturity Models: Oh Grow Up.

Earlier this week I was in Austin Texas where I attended and presented at the Lumesse Customer Conference (formerly StepStone...