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Top 100 Influencers v1.77: Trisha McFarlane Trisha McFarlane Top 100 Influencer HRExaminerSome people are at the hub of things actually getting done. The key to practical influence (which is the ability to get things done without authority or resources) is to occupy a position in the network that gets the most done with the least effort. Trisha McFarlane demonstrates an astonishing combination of online networking, grass roots organizational development, network finesse and working excellence in the profession. Anyone who happens by Trisha is inevitably pulled into her various plans and schemes for world domination. Read Now »

You want to be Zappos? Here’s Why You Can'tYou want to be Zappos? Here's Why You Can't. Creating a great company culture seems to be the buzz these days. The reason for this surge of cultural awareness is mainly fear. Now businesses fear rampant turnover as the job market improves, so they bring in a ping-pong table and Casual Fridays and hope memories of benefit cuts and layoffs won't linger. Read Now »

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Writing online and other places, by Heather BussingWriting Online (and other places) Writing clearly increases your chance of being understood. Being understood is a very fine thing, and the point of writing in the first place. Read Now »

Back to school - John SumserBack to School I've joined an amazing group of learning professionals in a short and intense class led by Howard Rheingold, one of the leading voices in virtual community, digital literacy and online learning. Let me share Mind Amplifiers with you. Read Now »

Buzzword ParadeBuzzword Parade Most of HR is discussed in a jargon that has been slowly evolving since the first personnel departments emerged during the depression. As technology began to penetrate the HR Marketplace, buzzwords became a feature of product marketing. As a result, the language is getting sketchier and meaning changes too fast for anyone to be able to agree on anything. Read Now »


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Top 100 Influencers v1.77: Trisha McFarlane

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