Shake it Up! HRExaminer Weekly Edition v2.26 June 30, 2011

We're publishing our Weekly Newsletter a day early due to the upcoming July 4th Holiday in the U.S. Happy Independence Day! Now, let's set off some Fireworks »

Top 100 v1.78: Susan Strayer Susan Strayer Top 100 HR Influencer on HRExaminerSusan Strayer, Marriott International's Senior Director, Global Employer Brand and Marketing, is going places fast because of what she accomplishes. In an extremely short time, Strayer has added dramatic energy to Marriott's employment branding endeavors. She's behind Marriott's latest employment branding effort with social gaming. Read Now »

Colin W. Kingsbury discusses bad habits in software purchasingThe Seven Habits of Highly-Ineffective Software Buyers by Colin Kingsbury While the Web is full of unsolicited advice on how to make good decisions, I've noticed a conspicuous lack of information on how to make bad decisions. And since bad decisions are usually easier to make, I thought they deserved an article of their own! - Colin W. Kingsbury Read Now »

Laurie Ruettimann avatarThinking About Influence (or Why isn't Laurie Ruettimann on the top of every influencer list?) I kept wondering why Laurie Ruettimann wasn't on the top of every HRExaminer influencer list. Why wouldn't she be, she's everywhere? mBlast is showing something really important about the HR idea marketplace. It extends way beyond the confines of our little echo chamber. Read Now »

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The Big Guys are comingThe Big Guys Are Coming I love Dave Winer. He summarizes the internal development process when big companies go after successful upstarts in a really useful way. The approach never works because it's always an attempt to extend the brand without cannibalizing the cash flow rather than meeting the need. Read Now »

BeKnown from MonsterSocial Media Swirl: BeKnown I'm interviewing over 70 social media companies and drawing a map of the landscape. While BeKnown is splashy and important, there are a host of other alternatives. Read Now »

Jay Cross disagrees strongly with new informal learning research findingsRidiculous Research Findings on Informal Learning by Jay Cross An analyst reports that her company's research finds that only 30% of U.S. companies spent money on informal learning tools or services last year. The only way I can imagine coming up with these absurdly low statistics would be by asking the wrong people. - Jay Cross Read Now »


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Top 100 v1.78 Susan Strayer

Susan Strayer, Marriott International’s Senior Director, Global Employer Brand and Marketing, is going places fast because of what she accomplishes....