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HR Gamification on This Week's HRExaminer v2.27 for July 8, 2011

Gamification Gamification on HRExaminerMost software products and services are developed in the absence of clear understanding of the customers. That's a good part of why technology adoption rates are so low in practice. As the Software as a Service (SaaS) model shoves success metrics off on the customer, new and exciting approaches to getting user level buy in will be trotted out. You can bet that gamification is going to figure prominently in the misguided attempts to automate stakeholder commitment. Beware. Read Now »

The Speed Of The Sound of TechnologyThe Speed Of The Sound of Technology Agile software development and continuous streams of competitive features (without regard to the actual needs of users) is driving people away from Firefox 5 and the latest editions of Microsoft Office. While subscription based software is all the rage, little is known about the users' ability to keep up with the flow of changes. Read Now »

Position Players vs All-Around Athletes by Auren HoffmanPosition Players vs All-Around Athletes by Auren Hoffman "Hiring managers face a dilemma similar to coaches: Should you hire someone who's really good at one particular thing - or someone who is more of an all-around player?" This guest post from Auren Hoffman shares his insights and experience as the CEO of Rapleaf and an Angel Investor. Read Now »

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End The Amazon Tax SubsidyEnd The Subsidy Just as I hit the pothole in front of the shuttered Borders, the Radio newsflash says that Amazon is canceling the associates program in California. What's the impact on employer branding? Read Now »

Whose data is it LinkedIn?Whose Data Is It? The recent LinkedIn API dustup (they blocked Monster, Branchout and a host of others from using 'their data') and Facebook's decision to limit the exporting of Friend data are gearshift moments. They indicate the realities of the future of social media. Read Now »


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