All in the game, HRExaminer v2.28 July 15, 2011

All In The Game All in the Game on HRExaminerMarriott's online game is a turning point. The fact that a company would find it interesting to deploy a game for the exclusive purpose of employment branding tells you everything. The project that resulted in the hotel simulation game on Facebook began as an intense exploration of the employment brand problem at Marriott. Read Now »

Paul Hebert Portait HR ExaminerYou Have to Know Where You Are to Get There by Paul Hebert "The evidence is pretty solid that human beings are the key component of competitive advantage in today’s working world…The human capital in your organization is where these capabilities exist. Not in software or other technological initiatives –– but in the hearts and minds of what Scott Adams of Dilbert fame calls your “moist robots." Read Now »

Heather Bussing Portrait, HRExaminerWhy at will employment isn't by Heather Bussing The reality is that at-will does not apply to everything about the employment relationship. At-will only applies to how long the employee is employed, and sometimes that the employee can be fired without a specific reason. Read Now »

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Audience and Candidate ExperienceAudience and Candidate Experience Like cramming for a math final after skipping the class all semester, the active job hunter is faced with a sea of conflicting number one priorities, often without the resources required to effectively fill in all of the blanks. Read Now »

Job ad architectureJob Ad Architecture Badly written job advertisements set a very bad starting point for a relationship with a prospective employee. By not crafting the ad to make the most of the candidate's time, the company is saying, in effect, shoddy performance is celebrated in our company. Join us if you aspire to mediocrity. Read Now »

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