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New Ways To Work with Jim Creighton Jim Creighton Featured on HRExaminer on New Ways to Work
The New Ways of Working Network was founded to provide a forum for experts to share and discuss leading edge practices in remote virtual work. The Network has been hugely successful, with one exception. Members report that when their companies plan corporate programs to permit new ways of working, HR is rarely at the table, even when explicitly invited. Read Now »

Susan StrayerSolving the Jobs Problem the Wrong Way by Susan Strayer Politicians and CEO's don't know anything about finding jobs. Seriously, nothing. Nothing of importance anyway. The last time a crying John Boehner searched for a real job, there were no job boards. The last time Nancy Pelosi was applying for a job that wasn't electable, LinkedIn didn't exist (and she hadn't had any plastic surgery yet).
Read Now »

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Carmen Hudson Top 100 Influencer on HRExaminerTop Influencers v 1.79 Carmen Hudson Carmen is a self-described "recruiting geek" who has spent years learning, creating, and sharing best practices around sourcing. Her corporate experience includes Yahoo!, where she was Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition. Prior to that she was manager, Global Strategic Sourcing for Starbucks Coffee and worked in talent acquisition roles at Microsoft, and Capital One. Read Now »

John Sumser writes on legend tech Venture Capitalist Roger McNameeRoger McNamee On The Future of Music Roger McNamee is an amazing combination of working musician and venture capitalist. He was an early Facebook investor. In a recent speech McNamee laid out a view of the world where Microsoft and Google get as disintermediated as the recording and news industries did over the past generation. Audience development is central to the future of HR and Recruiting. Here's how it works in the music business when it's done well. Read Now »

LinkUp Jobs Forecast a Home RunLinkUp Jobs Forecast a Home Run
It doesn't get much better than this. Recently, LinkUp (a Minnesota based job aggregator) forecast the improved jobs report that moved the US stock market. Read Now »

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