Three myths about hiring the unemployed ~ HRExaminer Weekly Edition v2.34 September 2, 2011

Three Myths about Hiring the Unemployed
Three Myths of Hiring the UnemployedAnyone who has been unemployed and looking for work in the middle of a career knows how difficult and frightening the process can be. Now, as a business owner, I'm proud of the fact that my company has been able to hire people who were unemployed (or under-employed) and then watch them flourish in our organization. Read Now »

Arie Ball Top 100 HR Influencer HRExaminerTop 100 Influencers v 1.80 Arie Ball
Arie has been building a from scratch recruiting operation for a going concern. As such, she is able to utilize new approaches and technologies faster and more fully than someone making change in an ongoing operation. Arie's industry influence stems from the fact that she runs the best observable "test kitchen". Read Now »

Dr. David Kippen on HRExaminerA Covenant for The New Normal: Four Steps to Employee Engagement by Dr. David Kippen Employee engagement starts with offering careers that "do what they say on the tin." That is, being who you say you are. Re-engagement is different. Today, in the wake of the global financial crisis, HR leaders are focused on putting a reengagement plan into play. Fortunately, re-engagement doesn't have to be costly or offer new rewards. Read Now »

Getting the problem straight in the hr and recruiting industryGetting The Problem Straight Market complexity is the normal condition of the Recruiting and HR Industry. With warring factions, cultural differences, regional biases, profession driven sales techniques and 50 Million annual customized transactions, it is not surprising that no company has ever owned more than 4% of the domestic American marketplace.
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