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Your Friends are not a network ~ HRExaminer Weekly Edition v2.35 September 9, 2011

Your Friends Are Not A Network 1
Your Friends Are Not A Network Part 1 Last week, I went to Dreamforce, It's's annual gathering of the clan. It was intense and the opposite of most HR conferences. My personal epiphany came as I was browsing the Dreamforce Bookstore. Everyone has begun to sound the same. There, at Dreamforce, I realized that we're on the verge of a future that is nothing like our view of it. Read Now »

Really. Your Friends are not a network Part 2Your Friends Are Not A Network 2 Collaboration is nearly always championed by people who want to be in charge of stuff. This year, I took a series of experimental classes with a number of geniuses in educational technology and reform. Their ardent belief in the collaborative god initially gave me the willies. I soldiered on, but did I change my mind? Read Now »

Peter Clayton on HRExaminerPeter Clayton Peter Clayton has interviewed over 600 leaders in the HR and Recruiting industry. Sorting through the archives at Total Picture Radio will give you a first class education in the industry. Find out what Peter is up to these days and what you can learn from tuning in to his clear and present signal. Read Now »

Bob Corlett discusses dealing with toxic employeesDealing with Toxic Employees by Bob Corlett When faced with toxic employees, most managers hesitate. Time races by as managers daydream about an orchestra of pianos falling on the toxic people's heads. But toxic people are like cockroaches – they can survive a nuclear blast.
Read Now »

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Your Friends Are Not A Network 3

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