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picture of two nails that are twisted in a puzzle with text that is similarly intertwined reading Hiring manager problems

Hiring Manager Problems Require Therapy by William Uranga
Picture of William Uranga, HR Examiner Editorial Advisory Board contributor Does your recruiter have a challenging hiring manager? I'm not talking about a difficult search - but client management problems. Most managers operate in a survival-mode; they are hiring to solve a problem, not necessarily to build a world-class team. Being stuck in a downward cycle of frustration, complaints, and no future change in sight, may be sign that “therapy” is in order. Read Now »

Recruiting is localRecruiting Is Local I don't think much of best practices and big generalizations about our profession. Recruiting practices that work famously at Google are recipes for disaster in a factory near Macon, Georgia. What works as personality assessment in Minneapolis is downright dumb in Baton Rouge. Read Now »

Photo of two intertwined candy canesCustomer Bonding—Retain More Customers Longer by Ed Goodwin In this guest post from Ed Goodwin he writes about the most effective way to retain more customers and retain them longer. Ed has over thirty years of hands-on experience providing marketing and customer research & analysis solutions for leading providers in several industries. Read Now »

picture of baseball with moneyball in textSeven years ago, this review appeared in the pages of the Electronic Recruiting News. It's reprinted in honor of the final arrival of the movie. In the intervening years, some elements of the HR and Recruiting world have paid attention and begun to use metrics to figure out hiring problems. Read Now »


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Hiring Manager Problems Require Therapy

Does your recruiter have a challenging hiring manager? Note that I’m not talking about a difficult search – but client...