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Mobile Recruiting ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v2.43 November 4, 2011
Mobile Recruiting on HR ExaminerMobile Recruiting With an iPhone, an Android, an iPad and my sleek MacBook Air crammed into my briefcase I hit ten conferences and two analysts confabs in less than seven weeks. I watched my workflow and thought about Mobile Recruiting. There was not the slightest opening for the consumption of advertising of any kind. The few bits of text spam I got made me mad. Where does mobile recruiting fit in all this? Read Now »

  Job descriptions will have to change - calling all copywritersJob Descriptions Are The Experience Scant attention is being paid to the root cause of resume overflow and bad candidate experience. Poorly written job ads. We need copywriters to both reduce the flow of errant resumes and improve the candidate’s experience. Read Now »

  good times ahead with social mediaGood Time (Social Media) It’s hard to have great conversations in social media. What I’m noticing is that very little social technology is actually social. Mostly it’s about the collection and distribution of data. That’s not inherently bad. It’s just that the present and future have so much more to offer. Read Now »

New HR & Social Technology Report Bundle Special Bundle price on both HRxAnalysts reports Today we’re announcing a HRxAnalysts report bundle that saves you $495 off the regular price of purchasing both HRxAnalysts reports separately. You get The 2012 Social Technology Index and What HR Thinks & Feels 2011 for $695 Read Now »



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