report from occupy hr technology movementReport from Occupy HR Technology Movement “The demonstrators claim that the 99% of people who use HR enterprise technology are unfairly controlled by the 1% who design and sell it. They’re demanding an immediate redistribution of power to the end user. Excuse me, sir?” Read Now »

John Sumser will appear on the Bill Kutik Radio ShowSumser On The Bill Kutik Radio Show John Sumser, Founder & Managing Editor of appears on The Bill Kutik Radio Show Liten to the recording.. Hear John talk about why social media isn’t social at all and the implications of new enterprise technology. Read Now »


Lists: Naughty or nice by Susan StrayerLists: Naughty or Nice? by Susan Strayer It’s time for a rehaul, a rethink–a better way to educate job seekers on how to find the right employers and what really makes both a “best employer” and a “best employer for you.”
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Are Employers the Lunch Police? by Heather Bussing Are employers the lunch police? By Heather Bussing The issue is whether employers have to make sure employees take rest and meal breaks. Employees argue that there are unwritten rules that prevent or disallow the breaks. Employer claims they encourage employee breaks, but can”t be the break police. Read Now »


2012 Index of Social Technology in HR and RecruitingThe 2012 Index of Social Technology in HR and Recruiting On November 10, HRxAnalysts published the 2012 Index of Social Technology in HR and Recruiting. The report provides a comprehensive foundation for decision making for HR Departments and HR Solution providers
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