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China Gorman on HR ExaminerApps Don’t Create Community by China Gorman “Community is a word thrown around a lot in the HR space. I don’t believe real relationships are created online. I have thousands of Twitter followers. I have relationships with about 150 of them. – China Gorman” Read Now »

That Job Board ThingThat Job Board Thing Conventional wisdom is that job boards have a short life expectancy. Here are two interesting examples that suggest something quite different. Read Now »


Firing at Will Book ReviewFiring At Will by Heather Bussing Jay Shepherd is no ordinary employment lawyer. Sure, he has the license and lots of experience using it. But he’s really an entrepreneur who thinks like a designer. Here’s my review of his book, Firing At Will. Read Now »


Microsoft Talent Network Microsoft Talent Network There is nothing about it that is a network. The fix is easy. Call it Job Alerts. Stop pretending that it’s something that it’s not.
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Replicon Time Clocks CanadaReplicon Time clock makers are about to be disintermediated. The cloud time clock is the next wave. An android tablet, customized for the function, is wirelessly tied to the local infrastructure by a Canadian outfit called Replicon. Read Now »




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