Top 25 List for Internet Influence in Recruiting ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition

Top 25 List for Internet Influence Recruiting ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition January 13, 2012

Top 25 List for Internet Influence in Recruiting ~ HR Examiner Weekly EditionTop 25 - Internet Influence in Recruiting
We published the fifth edition of our Top 25 list of online influencers in recruiting this week. Our source data is new and more focused on recruiting and HR ( Results are now posted for the Top 125. With each new list we’re searching for more context and relevance for the HR profession and greater understanding of what influence really means. Read Now »

another look at influenceAnother Look at Influence
The last time we published a list of influencers was in August, 2011. In the intervening five months, there has been an explosion of services that measure and evaluate an individual’s influence online.
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Jay Cross, HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board MemberPeople Not Technology by Jay Cross
Companies should embrace network-supported informal learning because it works better, not because it reduces labor costs. People learn more efficiently at the time of need, in the context of work, from people in the know and through virtual conversation.
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Adaptation (Five Years Ago)Adaptation (Five Years Ago Today)
Whenever the demographic noose tightens, employers always learn to discover employable talent where it once looked like there was none.
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