The Incredible Truth about Job Tenure ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 4.19 May 17, 2013
Feature: Them Job Changes The smoke and mirrors about retention is beginning to lift. A new study provides examples of how new approaches to data and open minds discover hidden, important truths.

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Them Job ChangesFeature: Them Job Changes
People change jobs less often than they used to. It’s a trend that’s been maturing for 30 years.
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Social Recruiting Is DeadSocial Recruiting Is Dead
“The promise of social recruiting was that it could scale. There’s no evidence that that has happened.” – John Sumser
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Data is EvidenceData is Evidence
Legal Editor Heather Bussing catalogs the online sources where lawyers, employers and other agents are tracking your digital footprints. Read Now »

Really, Big Data Isn’t AnalyticsReally, Big Data Isn’t Analytics
Before, progress was just a matter of making the line move up and to the right. With big data, what matters is the ability to see patterns in the data. Read Now »

HRExaminer Radio: Episode #18: Chris HavrillaHRExaminer Radio: Episode #18: Chris Havrilla This show features Chris Havrilla who started out in Software Engineering and IT Consulting before finding her passion in Recruiting. Read Now »

Five Links: The New NewFive Links: The New New
The NEW New: We’re in another one of those ‘everything you know is wrong’ vortices.
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Five Links: The New New

The NEW New: We're in another one of those 'everything you know is wrong' vortices.