HRExaminer v4.29 August 2, 2013 Feature Facebook Terms of Service Translated

Facebook’s Fine Print

HRExaminer Weekly Edition v4.29 August 2, 2013

If there’s a legal problem on Facebook do you pay or does Facebook? Legal Editor Heather Bussing deciphers Facebook’s legal fine print in this week’s feature: Facebook Terms of Service Translated. Don’t miss John Sumser’s new series about HR’s search for relevance in, The Holy Grail Parts I and II and John’s ongoing coverage of Communications Channels in Part V, What Not to Use. We cap off this week’s edition with the HR Examiner Radio interview of Rebecca Callahan on Recruitment Process Outsourcing at Randstad Sourceright.

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Facebook Terms of Service TranslatedFeature: Facebook Terms of Service Translated
Facebook rolls out new code twice a day. But, the legal stuff doesn’t change that often, so here are some of the terms you should know about and what they mean. Read Now »


Communications Channels V: What Not To UseCommunications Channels V: What Not To Use
Not all investments made by early adopters pay off. Anyone who is early to mobile recruiting knows what it feels like to go out on a limb. Without the right infrastructure, nothing succeeds. Read Now »


The Holy Grail IThe Holy Grail I
HR sticks to the story of the value of intangibles like a mobster hangs on to an alibi. It’s not hard to believe that people are the heart of the business. It’s been painfully hard to quantify it. Read Now »


Holy Grail IIHoly Grail II
Guitar Center uses HR information to schedule the entire employee team in each store in a way that optimizes revenue. Step 2 is simultaneous scheduling of training. That’s an HR system with clear impact on the bottom line.
Read Now »


HRExaminer Radio: Episode #28: Rebecca CallahanHRExaminer Radio: Episode #28: Rebecca Callahan Rebecca Callahan is President, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Randstad Sourceright. She leads her organization in the strategic execution of helping clients hire the right person. Read Now »


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The GuitarCenter uses a foundation of HR information to schedule the entire employee team in each store in a way...