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HRExaminer Weekly Edition v4.31 August 16, 2013

In HR we associate drama with employee meltdowns and mergers, not the great dramatic writing that John Sumser puts center stage in this week’s feature. Sumser showcases how dramatic writing impacts business outcomes in the article, David Mamet’s Memo to the Writers of the Unit. Whether you’re telling a story to attract candidates, gain influence or market a product, the bar has been raised… dramatically. Enjoy!

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David Mamet's Memo to the Writers of the UnitFeature: David Mamet’s Memo to the Writers of the Unit
Famous writers like David Mamet know how to hold an audience’s attention like few others. Good dramatic writing is to effective business writing as coffee is to closers!
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Not Data, EvidenceNot Data, Evidence
Almost everything we do leaves a digital data trail. For lawyers, that means evidence. Legal Editor Heather Bussing walks thru places to find digital evidence depending on what you want to know.
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About RelationshipsAbout Relationships
The reason that Direct Marketing techniques generally have a bad name is that they tend to treat people like objects as a precursor to a deeper form of relationship.
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Engaging Bit o' FictionEngaging Bit o’ Fiction
Jobs change, expectations go unmet, cultural integration is not always what it seems to be, decisions get rushed, managers are bad, companies are rotten, coworkers are unpleasant, better jobs emerge elsewhere.
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HRExaminer Radio Episode 29 Bill KutikHRExaminer Radio: Episode #29: Bill Kutik
Bill Kutik is one of the top influencers in the HR technology marketplace with specialties in HCM, Recruiting, Workforce and Talent Management, and social media.
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