HRExaminer Weekly Edition v4.35 September 13, 2013 Feature Image for Engagement and Passion

Engagement and Passion

HRExaminer Weekly Edition v4.35 September 13, 2013

Feature:In our feature, John Sumser illustrates the seven basic elements of a job thru his experience this week with a Seattle-based Nordstrom employee. It’s a different take on two of the more misunderstood HR concepts kicking around the people business today - Engagement and Passion.

Jellyvision founder Harry Gottlieb joins the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board with his article on Year-Round Benefits Engagement. Heather Bussing talks Gender Equality and John Sumser wraps up this issue with Working Without a Net. Enjoy!

This Week's Articles

Engagement and PassionFeature: Engagement and Passion
In other words, the two hippest ideas in the current HR play book (engagement and finding the work you love) are more than a little tenuous. The worst job in a fast growing company can be astonishing because of the freedom and authority that emerge there.
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Gender Equity - WTF HBS‽Gender Equity - WTF HBS?
The New York Times article on Gender Equity Issues at Harvard Business School reveals a culture of arrogance, self-absorption, and money as the highest good. It was about men and women "leveraging social capital" and calculating the ROI of every human interaction. Read Now »

Year-Round Benefits EngagementYear-Round Benefits Engagement
Trying to cram 365 days’ worth of benefits information into the narrow windows of new hire orientation and open/annual enrollment—simply doesn’t work. Disability insurance is an extremely meaningful benefit when you actually need it. It’s worthy of three or four concentrated minutes of an employee’s time to learn about it. Read Now »

Working Without a NetWorking Without a Net
The question plaguing a world much bigger than our little industry is "How do I get heard over the swell of mediocrity?" We do a good job on that one.
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Working Without a Net

The question plaguing a world much bigger than our little industry is "How do I get heard over the swell...