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HRExaminer Weekly Edition v4.45 November 27, 2013 5 Threads of Technology the Series


HRExaminer Weekly Edition v4.45 November 27, 2013

Our feature this week is HR Examiner’s special series on the Five Threads of Technology. We’re publishing this early edition of The HR Examiner due to the Thanksgiving Holiday in the States.


This Week's Articles

ReEngineering HR: Five Threads of TechnologyReEngineering HR: Five Threads of Technology
Have you discovered any new processes that need automation lately? The era of enterprise computing is coming to a close. Let’s talk about what happens next.
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Five Threads II: Integrating Non HR DataFive Threads II: Integrating Non HR Data
Recruiting, which is always the most competitive of the HR silos is already trying to make sense of a world that violates our preconceptions.
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Five Threads III: Data for Other DepartmentsFive Threads III: Data for Other Departments
What used to be delivered in a stale memo is now communicated in the flow/context of other data. It turns out that the more personal the data, the more it sticks.
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Five Threads IV: Quantified EverythingFive Threads IV: Quantified Everything
In the first waves of quantification, it’s been okay for HR Departments to hide behind the flag of productivity. Future competitive battles will be won by the organization that can best quantify and predict people’s behavior.
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Five Threads V: Human AugmentationFive Threads V: Human Augmentation
When the advance of human augmentation reaches a certain point, we’re going to have to start figuring out the new work and how to pay people whose work is mostly done by machine.
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Five Threads VI: ConclusionFive Threads VI: Conclusion
We’ve been plowing through the five threads that will shape HR and HR Technology and now it’s time for the conclusion of our six-part series.
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