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HRExaminer Weekly Edition v5.06 February 14, 2014

In our feature this week Stacey Harris explains What To Do When Data Says You’re Wrong. In Human What?, John Sumser dispels the notion that humans are capital. John also covers, a new iOS app from Joel Cheesman and two articles that chronicle John’s recent journey through the halls of HR on a wheeled scooter (read Disruption, Learning and Curiosity and Fitness, Inclusion and OracleHCM). Our on-demand edition of HR Examiner Radio features Marc Mapes in a discussion about Enjoy.

This Week's Articles

What To Do When Data Says You’re WrongFeature: What To Do When Data Says You’re Wrong
As we rush into the era of data analytics, big data, and personal tracking devices every HR professional should be prepared to face data that contradicts their beliefs sooner or later.
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Joel Cheesman just launched, a mobile app that begins with a simple question: “How’s employee morale at your company?”
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Disruption, Learning and CuriosityDisruption, Learning and Curiosity
The real learning doesn’t come from struggling with your mind and body. It comes from being willing to get back up when you feel stupid and broken.
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Fitness, Inclusion and OracleHCMFitness, Inclusion and OracleHCM
The theme at OracleHCM is fitness. Everybody gets a Fitbit. Figuring out how to harness more data about people, their interests and behavior is the next level of the game.
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Human What?Human What?
Humans are not capital.
What we call things really, really matters.
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HRExaminer Radio: Episode #44: Marc MapesHRExaminer Radio: Episode #44: Marc Mapes
John Sumser speaks with Marc Mapes about, a patented software that interprets intent, motivation, engagement, rational and potential behaviors through contextual analysis of text.
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Marc Mapes on HR Examiner Radio February 7, 2014HR Examiner Radio: Adam Robinson
Join John Sumser today when he speaks live with Hireology CEO Adam Robinson about their web-based hiring platform that uses data to help businesses make hiring decisions.
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screenshot of iOS 7 app featured on February 14, 2014

Joel Cheesman just launched, a mobile app that begins with a simple question: "How's employee morale at your company?"