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HRExaminer Weekly Edition v5.20 May 23, 2014

Who owns data? It’s not such a simple question after all. Heather Bussing and John Sumser conclude their nine-part series in this week’s feature. Joe Gerstandt stops by HR Examiner to ask us, How Real is Your Organization? In Five Links: Ch Ch Ch Changes, John Sumser shares insight from around the globe, and on HR Examiner Radio John interviews VP Marc Moschetto about WorkForce Software’s marketing strategy. Enjoy!

This Week's Articles

Who Owns Data?FEATURE: Who Owns Data?
This is HRExaminer’s entire series on the concepts of ownership, data, and who owns data.
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Who Owns Data 9: Why Ownership Doesn’t MatterWho Owns Data 9: Why Ownership Doesn’t Matter
Ideas and facts are free. You have to actually do something more than just have an idea before there is any ownership or legal protection.
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How Real is Your Organization?How Real is Your Organization?
I find it very hard to take the “war for talent” seriously when I see so much talent that is already on the payroll being wasted.
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Five Links: Ch Ch Ch ChangesFive Links: Ch Ch Ch Changes
This week’s links cobble together insight from a variety of facets.
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HRExaminer Radio: Episode #57: Marc MoschettoHRExaminer Radio: Episode #57: Marc Moschetto
John Sumser talks with VP Marc Moschetto about WorkForce Software’s marketing strategy.
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HRExaminer Radio: Episode #58: Jeremy LanghansHR Examiner Radio May 23, 2014: Jeremy Langhans, highly regarded SME in Global Talent Attraction Leadership
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