HRExaminer Weekly Edition v5.42 December 19, 2014

Americans are quitting their jobs at the fastest pace since 2008. In this week's feature article, Maren Hogan responds with, “Stop the Bleeding: 3 Ways to Retain Employees.”

People sure are good at telling others: I’m Offended. You’re Doing It Wrong! Heather Bussing says the Cult of Nice is preventing people from understanding each other and making it increasingly difficult to have a meaningful dialog on important race and gender issues. Read more in, You’re Doing It Wrong: the Cult of Nice.

Who’s going to win the recruiting contest? The company that helps you live longer or the company that squirrels around with primitive offerings? In, Looking Back: Pocket Doc, John Sumser jumps back to 2012 when health and fitness apps were taking center stage for the first time as a way to explore the ever evolving definition of HR Technology. Enjoy!


This Week's Articles

Stop the Bleeding: 3 Ways to Retain EmployeesStop the Bleeding: 3 Ways to Retain Employees
2.8 million people quit their jobs in September of this year, which is the highest level since 2008. Is there a way to stop the bleeding?
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You’re Doing It Wrong: the Cult of NiceYou’re Doing It Wrong: the Cult of Nice
The Cult of Nice is when the only meaning is a version of “you’re doing it wrong” or ”you’re not being Nice.”
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Looking Back: Pocket DocLooking Back: Pocket Doc
Our current definitions of what is and isn’t HRTech are astonishingly narrow. What’s changed?
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