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HRExaminer Weekly Edition v6.36 September 25, 2015

We’re accustomed to reading great articles by Heather Bussing here on The HR Examiner. Heather published her first piece on in June of 2010 and here we are five years and 197 articles later. When you read Heather’s work you may smile, laugh, disagree, or nod your head to acknowledge a perspective you haven’t considered before. It’s likely you’ve found yourself admiring Heather for her ideas, her writing, and her courage. There’s a good chance you’ve thought to yourself, "We could all be a lot more like Heather."


This Week's Articles

How to Get Through a Hard DayHow to Get Through a Hard Day
After surviving two roundtrip tickets to hell, Heather Bussing has some sage counsel on how to deal with emotions and life.
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Weasel Management: How to Deal With WeaselsWeasel Management: How to Deal With Weasels
Narcissistic Weasels don’t care about you, the project, the good of the company, or anybody but themselves, power, control, and accolades. But there are some ways to manage Weasels.
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Social Media’s Real Legal IssuesSocial Media’s Real Legal Issues
When companies adopt social media, they are usually concerned about people saying bad things about them.
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Depression and WorkDepression and Work
Next time an employee is having problems at work, consider whether they need help for depression. You may save an employee. You may even save a life.
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Employee Privacy-What Can Employers Monitor?Employee Privacy-What Can Employers Monitor?
Heather Bussing covers a wide range of employee privacy issues in this three-part series on employee privacy. Heather begins by discussing employer spying.
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Optimal Tech Stack ReportHR Tech Report: Optimal Tech Stack
You’ll discover the optimal way that companies assemble their HR Technology. The report documents the way that practitioners view each of thirteen categories of HR software. We use our sample set of 785 HR practitioners to give you insight into every possible niche.
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