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Category: Data Workbench
Company Name: SwoopTalent
Website: swooptalent.com
Headquarters: Oakland, CA
Main Phone Number: (888) SWOOP-01
#of Employees: 16
Date Founded: 2012
Financing: Self-Funded

Using data usually requires a massive governance program to standardize and stabilize the data outputs of different tools. SwoopTalent provides an automated answer that eliminates the need for committee-based data management conversations. They make data a part of the infrastructure automatically. They call it ‘data husbandry’. Their product is likely to be a standard part of every company’s intelligent toolset.

There are two critical problems faced by most owners of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). The data is always incomplete, usually by significant proportions. To complicate matters, the data there is comes in a variety of formats. Incompleteness is multiplied by lack of interconnection.

While there are other significant data quality issues in any HR data implementation, incompleteness and disconnectedness are the primary problems in using the HRIS as a foundational part of a machine led decision making system. The SwoopTalent service cleans data, merges disparate data sources, discovers new information and improves discovery. It is primarily used to enhance data in the HRIS.

SwoopTalent uses vector modeling to inventory and index the client’s data archives. Vector Modeling is based on the premise that any collection of text can be reduced to a mathematical formula. There can be many different formulas attributed to a body of text depending on the emphasis of the equation writer. For example, the formula that describes a novel could be designed to count the number of occurrences of a prioritized list of words. That would be a different formula than one created with no list of words.

The technique can be used for matching purposes (find all of the documents with the following sets of words) or for aligning two sets of data without a pivot field (find the relative commonalities between the columns in these two sets of data).

Swoop Talent eliminates the need for cumbersome (and highly politicized) data governance. It is an essential part of data as infrastructure.


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