Comprehensiveness is Essential: Beamery
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Company Name: Beamery
Website: beamery.com
Headquarters: London, England
Main Phone Number: +44 7920887200
#of Employees: 93
Date Founded: 2014
Financing: $35M

Beamery is an end to end recruiting solution that delivers the full spectrum of Recruitment Marketing with intelligence driven automation.

Like many companies in the Intelligent Software for HR world, Beamery does not fit neatly into a niche. It stretches the definition of microservice but is still less than a comprehensive suite solution. We placed it in the microservice category because there is a subtext of ‘Best In Class’ point solution associated with the group. Given their ambitions, they will likely become a full-fledged Recruiting Suite provider in short stead.

In response to our survey, they said, “We started Beamery on a simple idea that online you are not a candidate or a customer, you are both.” Companies have become very sophisticated at selling products and building customer relationships online, while Recruiting has not changed. This led us to create a platform that brings predictive marketing and data-science to recruitment, empowering companies to treat candidates like customers. Our mission is to transform the role of recruiting to be a core strategic asset and enable companies to find, connect and engage with talent better.”

Great intelligent tools focus on qualitatively and quantitatively improving the work of the people who use them. The fantasy that ‘AI’ will replace workers is just that. It is more useful to think of the new tools as augmentation rather than replacement.

The team at Beamery embeds this idea in all aspects of their product. From marketing and customer service to product design and architecture, the organization stresses the need for comprehensive answers to systemic issues. On the marketing front, they believe that an educated customer is the best kind. So, they provide landmark quality offerings in their publications and other content development. The company delivers comprehensive guides to GDPR, Recruitment marketing, and an online university of Recruiting courses.

Many microservice providers limit their work to a single aspect of the workflow. Beamery is diligent about trying to understand the broadest possible array of factors in their product design. They appear to use marketing research to accomplish this.

The result is a supple and elegant system that allows users to account for a broad range of circumstances as they build relationships with potential employees.


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