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Company Name: Bridge by Instructure2018-10-08-hrexaminer-photo-img-logo-for-instructure-bridge-185x48px.gif
Website: GetBridge.com
Headquarters: : Salt Lake City, UT
Main Phone Number: : (877) 576-5364
#of Employees: 25
Date Founded: 2015
Financing: Part of Public Company (Instructure)

Bridge makes employee development the heart of talent management. It uses intelligent tools to guide managers when helping an employee learn new skills as a part of career development.

The current Bridge by Instructure offering is a three-component toolset: Learn, Perform, and Practice. The Learn element is a competency-based Learning Management System equivalent designed to focus on real time development of employees. The Perform component is a coaching tool that helps first-level supervisors to coach and teach their employees with courseware, stretch assignments, and sound mentoring. The Practice component is unique in the HRTech sector. It is an environment in which employees can rehearse (and get constructive critique for) new skills.

The underlying theory at Bridge is that you must first have a grasp of the development process before you start populating the organization. This development first approach creates the possibility of greater clarity about who to bring into the organization. That, in turn, makes it possible to rethink qualifications, making a more diverse organization easier to achieve,

Competency data is foundational in this model. The way the company builds intelligence into its tools from the ground up involves using competency data to define performance and the employee development path.

Intelligence is used in both simple and complex ways from reminding the supervisor to follow up with specific suggestions to helping understand the development path from one job to another.

In the performance module, the employee is understood as development in process. There is an assessment process that includes peer and supervisory feedback designed to guide individual employees through the choices that lead them towards their goals. This approach to performance management is not about making a list of things the employee did or didn’t do. Rather, it starts with the premise that learning and improvement are always part of work.


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