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Company Name: Ultimate Software2018-10-01-hrexaminer-photo-img-ultimate-software-logo-hrexaminer-watchlist-185x89px.png
Website: UltimateSoftware.com
Headquarters: Weston, FL
Main Phone Number: : 800-432-1729
#of Employees: 4,200
Date Founded: 1990
Financing: Public

Ultimate software makes employee sentiment analysis, both qualitative and quantitative, the foundation of its talent acquisition and management solutions.

Imagine lifting a house on stilts in order to strengthen and reengineer its foundation. That’s exactly what Ultimate Software did when it acquired Kanjoya in 2016. Kanjoya was a ‘workforce intelligence provider’ who blended quantitative and qualitative data from employees to provide a company’s leadership with a better, more granular view of the voice of the workforce.

The result helps fulfill Ultimate Software’s underlying vision: that any company’s health and well-being is best navigated by understanding the opinions and sentiments of the workforce. A blend of survey technique and natural language processing (NLP) analysis now provides Ultimate Software customers with a routine way to understand how decisions will affect employee morale and productivity. In the two years since the acquisition, the company introduced 10% of its client base to the new approach.

At over 300 operational installations, Ultimate Software has the second largest installed base of intelligent tools in the industry.

It’s hard to overstate the extent to which company culture and its improvement is a core vale at Ultimate. With a staff team of anthropologists, an extraordinary rack of benefits, and a people-first mantra, the company practices what it preaches.

Ultimate Software’s approach to digital intelligence is unique. It is the foundation of our view that enterprise suite providers will increasingly be understood by their point of view rather than their discrete functionality. Ultimate Software is making itself into the hub of an ecosystem that can solve whatever functionality deficits a given customer is experiencing.

It is an extraordinary example of the degree to which a company can prosper from a wave of disruptive technology.


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