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Company Name: Ascendify
Website: Ascendify.com
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Main Phone Number: : (415) 528-5503
#of Employees: 60
Date Founded: 2012
Financing: $13M

Ascendify is the first company to offer enterprise grade Talent Acquisition and Management tools built with intelligence as the foundation.

Ascendify offers the most comprehensive AI-first approach to Talent Management. Designed exclusively for the Fortune 100, the company is funded by GE and Cisco. The core product is built to deliver their funders’ requirements.

The system includes a comprehensive recruiting tools including Applicant Tracking, Interview Management, Candidate Relationship Management, Employment Branding, Employee Referrals, and Internal Mobility. Talent Management functionality includes Workforce Planning, Performance Management, Learning, Career Development, and Internal Mobility.

All of the functionality rests on a foundation of dynamic competencies and competency management. It’s hard to imagine a component of Talent Acquisition or Talent Management that the system doesn’t cover.

The heart of the system is a data architecture that allows clients to use their own competency models while collecting and curating data to lay the groundwork for intelligent solutions. The system anticipates the inevitable collapse of HR data silos.

For example, the intelligent interviewing module interacts with a client’s scheduling data to solve the time consuming, and error-prone, business of taking candidates through the interview process. Assuming that each candidate needs to be interviewed by 10 people and that it takes 10 candidates to produce a suitable decision, a company that hires 15,000 people a year needs to schedule 1.5 Million interviews. One very large company has a budget of $20 Million/year for interview scheduling alone.

The interview tool picks interviewers based on their expertise, availability, and number of interviews to date. (You don’t want to bury interviewers in work that takes them completely away from their actual jobs). Then, it assigns questions to be asked so that the output of the process is a comprehensive set of information about candidate suitability. This particular intelligent application is one of the few that actually reduces cost while improving quality.

Ascendify integrates machine learning and predictive analytics into recruiting and talent development with one seamless platform.


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