Intelligent Overlay Rooted in Assessment: IBM
Category: AI as Platform ServiceIBM logo
Company Name: IBM
Website: ibm.com/talent-management
Headquarters: Armonk, NY
Main Phone Number: (877) 426-6006
#of Employees: 380,000
Date Founded: 1911
Financing: Public Company

IBM supplies AI as a commodity. They are deploying a talent framework that serves as the foundation of HR intelligence.

IBM Watson Talent Frameworks is a ready-to-use job taxonomy and competency library. It provides industry benchmarks across 3,000+ job profiles and 2,000+ associated skills that have been developed over 30 years and can be personalized and curated with Watson.

IBM’s current HR Intelligence-driven initiative is rooted in Kenexa, a company acquired in 2012. Kenexa delivered employment-related services including the Brass Ring ATS, a large assessment operation, contingent hiring, screening, background checking, and compensation data. The 2010 purchase of Salary.com gave the company a profoundly useful taxonomy for organizing job and people related data.

Kenexa’s assets combined with IBM’s Watson AI resources create the sort of niche specificity that we applaud with Beamery in a separate award.

Like Google, who we also noticed in this category, IBM offers a dynamic taxonomy and serious data crunching capacity that yield better results from the Recruiting funnel. And like Google, that is only the beginning. IBM is currently more aggressive and more successful at building out an ecosystem.

On a functional level, Rather than focusing on strategy, the toolset seeks to improve Recruiter productivity by continuously prioritizing the workload. IBM defines ‘priority’ as a combination of process completion and recruiting requisition complexity. It looks at the recruiter’s workload and delivers a rank-ordered set of tasks based on measures that are likely to result in a more optimal performance.

It’s really a form of management by machine that identifies potential workflow bottlenecks then plows through them. In each task, the recruiter can see the drivers of the complexity and process completion scores. The system takes recruiter feedback about its recommendations in a comment form. The system also monitors actual recruiter behavior and learns from that as well.

Of all of the players in the AI as Platform category, IBM is out in front in the deployment of their toolset. Both Workday and Cornerstone feature functional integrations with the IBM HR Intelligence toolset. For the platform strategy to work, the IBM overlay must be seamless.

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