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Company Name: Textio
Website: textio.com
Headquarters: Seattle, WA
Main Phone Number: : (800) 898-1401
#of Employees: 106
Date Founded: 2014
Financing: $29.5M

Textio uses ‘augmented writing’ to help companies curate and revise their job ads. A gamified interface helps recruiters who are writing the ad to reduce the amount of implicit bias. The service uses ad performance data as a feedback loop.

Textio describes their mission as: “the company was started with the simple notion that what if every time you wrote something, you knew exactly who was going to respond. Whether it’s an email and you want to know who’s going to answer you, a job post where you want to know who’s going to apply, or any other kind of writing. Now imagine that you knew WHY the person was responding to the writing – then you could change your approach to get a different result. Augmented writing is writing supported by outcomes data, that tells you in real time who will respond to your writing and gives you guidance to change the response.”

They call the service “augmented writing.” In its current form, it is used to manage the degree and intensity of bias in job postings. The tool helps a job description writer target a diverse array of candidates more effectively.

There are several things of note in the textio offering:

  • 20th century ideas about interface design are outmoded in the new world of probabilistic information. The Textio interface treats each new project as a remedial exercise that simultaneously improves the job ad while teaching the user how to think about the impact of their language. Through easy to understand symbols and color-coding, the tool makes a game out of improving the quality and impact of a job posting.
  • Comprehensiveness, as mentioned in the Beamery award, is an essential element of effective intelligence. Rather than trying to address the entire workflow of recruiting, textio indexes all job postings and is building an archive of historical results. Their emphasis on comprehensiveness is constrained by a specific type of writing used in Recruiting.
  • Textio champions diversity in their marketing. It’s not just the product, it’s the company. They were the first company to offer a webinar on “Creating Trans-Inclusive Workplaces.”

In a nutshell, Textio offers groundbreaking interface design in support of Recruiting communications that help companies build workforces that emphasize diversity in a thoughtful way. The New York Times reported it best, “Gender-neutral language fills jobs 14 days faster than posts with a masculine or feminine bias, Textio said, and attracts a more diverse mix of people.”


You can purchase the full report from the link below:

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