Planning and Data Governance as the Heart of the Enterprise: Workday
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Company Name: Workday
Website: Workday.com
Headquarters: Pleasanton, CA
Main Phone Number: : (877) 967-5329
#of Employees: 8,200
Date Founded: 2005
Financing: Public

Workday’s implementation of intelligent tools places planning and data consistency at the heart of the enterprise to improve productivity.

We are recognizing Workday for two related things.

First, the company believes that planning is essential to business success. To manifest this principle, they build their internal data structures so no one in the organization is ever concerned about the configuration, reliability, or revision level of the data they are using. The workday productivity tools (spreadsheet, presentations, visualizations) all work from a core database where rights and permissions are controlled at the cell level.

Second, with its latest move to deliver the interface in ‘natural work environments,’ the company demonstrates a clear understanding of an inevitable part of intelligent software: processing, interface, and data are becoming discrete elements rather than a single package. Workday sees that meeting the user where they do the work matters more than capturing them within a ‘sticky’ interface.

This combination of a planning focus and a commitment to making their tools reliable and easy to use results in a powerful foundation for next generation productivity.

Data governance is one of the most difficult problems faced by companies wanting to use intelligent software. A generation of SaaS solutions has resulted in a bewildering array of individually configured workflows. In typical enterprise scale systems, this makes it difficult to build a common framework for automation and improvement. Control of the data gives workday clients the potential to sidestep the miserable process of realigning the data for further processing.

Another essential part of making an effective tool based on machine learning is getting the data in the first place. Natural workspaces means that the access to Workday functionality is available in a variety of settings (Slack, for example). It’s central to Workday’s efforts to enhance adoption of their toolset.

Meanwhile, the company is deploying a significant team of people to embed intelligence at every step of the process. Workday embodies an ‘intelligence first’ approach. They believe that ‘data is the new electricity.’


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