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Company Name: EngageTalent
Website: engagetalent.com
Headquarters: Charleston, SC
Main Phone Number: (855) 435-6566
#of Employees: 20
Date Founded: 2014
Financing: $6.3M

EngageTalent harvests public data to forecast the likelihood that a potential employee will respond positively to a job offer.

EngageTalent is a predictive sourcing tool. It does three things: Candidate Research, Competitive Research and Market Research. It scores the likelihood that your outreach will be successful and predicts whether a candidate will accept your job offer.

The company assembles a data stream of source material that covers the 90,000 American companies with more than 50 employees. That’s 100 Million candidates and 30,000 sources of data. Each of the 100 Million candidates are scored on the likelihood that they want a new job.

That prediction is built on a model that covers the following weighted factors that increase an employee’s desire to leave.

The relationship between an employee’s industry, company, and relative experience is surprisingly understudied.

There are many things you can know about a person simply by understanding their current employer and their employment history. For example, an examination of job postings can give you a clear picture of the company’s technology stack. It’s safe to assume that any employee will have experience with the relevant parts of that stack.

The company builds a model, scrapes the data, populates the database, refreshes and learns along the way. Predictive Analytics and a nest of data create an environment that actively accelerates sourcer performance. It is intended to inform human performance rather than replace it.

EngageTalent parses job postings and other data-rich sources to acquire that intelligence. The data itself is browsable within the application. It is one of many data streams that EngageTalent is using to create an inescapable research environment for sourcers. It even includes verified contact info.


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