The Disappearing Assessment Interface: Traitify
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Company Name: Traitify
Website: Traitify.com
Headquarters: Baltimore, MD
Main Phone Number: : (443) 873-8411
#of Employees: 35
Date Founded: 2011
Financing: $9.8M

Traitify delivers assessments based on a 90-second test. The process involves a person interacting with a series of images and choosing “Me” or “Not Me.”

Traitify has invented a new scientifically validated way to collect personality data using an image-based test.

There are a host of companies that purport to provide assessment services supplemented with artificial intelligence. The claims are confusing and often couched in the language of Industrial Psychology. Usually, they combine claims of eliminating bias in recruiting with the gamification of an assessment test.

The underlying notion is that assessments fail to gain traction in organizations because the tests are ‘hard to take’ and reflect poorly on the employment brand. In order to produce a solid result, a traditional paper-based assessment instrument must ask 65 questions. The process takes over an hour. The rate at which job applicants abandon these instruments is thought to inhibit wide adoption.

Most companies claiming to reduce assessment time use regression analysis and machine learning to find correlations between known assessment data and their particular form of interface. Games are popular. Fast decision making is well represented.

Traitify’s solution provides the shortest path to a validated assessment. The assessment subject is shown a series of images and asked to choose “Me” or “Not Me”. The process takes about 90 seconds on any device. In parallel, Traitify uses its image-based format to make personalized recommendations to job seekers—employers offer this to candidates to help discover jobs at their companies.

Ultimately, this is a transitional phase. Using assessment to only give value to employers is antiquated—assessments are already being used to help job seekers, too. Within a decade or so, assessments will be done without the test taker having to actually take any sort of test. Traitify’s accomplishment is that they bring the realization of zero-time assessments closer while creating value on both sides of the marketplace.

The company wisely sidesteps the issue of bias elimination. While assessment testing is an important part of building a merit-oriented hiring process, the roots of bias are far deeper than a single step in the hiring workflow. This is emblematic of Traitify’s focus on tangible results.


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