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The Annual HR Technology Conference, held this year in Chicago on October 8, 9 and 10, is mecca for HR tech folks.


In our industry, there is nothing like it. The Annual HR Technology Conference, held this year in Chicago on October 8, 9 and 10, is mecca for HR tech folks. A blistering stream of events, influencers, meetings and parties, the conference is ground zero for the tech products that shape the face of HR.

To quote Bill Kutik, the event’s own MC,

A generational shift is happening in computing – have you felt it? – making this the most important year ever for you to attend the HR Technology® Conference. Why? Both to hear what the experts think – they will all be there, as usual – but also for you to help our international community figure out what it all means.

The major drivers are The Cloud and Social Technology in the Enterprise. Make no mistake. Only HR Technology® brings enough of our community together to make it collectively wise enough to help you plot your future, while solving the problems you still face today.

If you joined us in Vegas last year, you know the facts:

  • 30% more attendees than the 2010 record
  • 27 countries represented, including Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and South Korea (with eight executives from four organizations)
  • All 10 of the “world’s most powerful HR technology experts,” as selected by Human Resource Executive®, attended
  • A record 220 exhibitors in our largest Exposition ever

Add 60+ analysts/press/bloggers, our 70+ presenters and the 1,700 vendor representatives (full members of our community), and HR Technology®brought together 4,600 professionals, who all cared about the exact same thing: IT for all aspects of HR.

Talk about an international annual Town Meeting! Don’t miss this year’s!

If HR technology is ultimately your executive responsibility, your actual job, your current headache, or something you know you just need to learn more about for your career – you need to join us.

For me, it’s the place from which I manage my year.

Mr. Kutik has been kind enough to give me my very special own discount code: SUMSER12 (all caps). Use it when you register online to save $500.

If you’re going please let me know.


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