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“No one has produced an interesting map of the entire HRTechnology terrain recently. So, I figured I’d make a stab at it. So far, my outline has 70 distinct silos.” – John Sumser

In the fall, at the HRTech conference in Chicago, I am going to give a presentation that describes the universe of HR Tech and the most effective paths through the conference itself. Here’s the session description:

CS1: HR Tech: An Orientation to the Conference and All Its Possibilities
Wednesday 05 October
11:00 AM to 12:00PM
If you’ve never attended the HR Technology Conference, this is where to begin your adventure. John Sumser, who has been orienting people to the industry for two decades, will help you maximize your time and your return on investment. He’ll cover all of the elements of HR technology and how they fit together. Plus, give you an overview of the HR technology landscape to help you determine which areas of HR tech you are most interested in learning more about so you can design your ideal conference experience. You’ll know which sessions to attend and which exhibitors not to miss. As a bonus, each person attending the session will get a copy of Sumser’s groundbreaking report, “Optimal HR Tech Stack.”

That’s an ambitious agenda for an hour.

As I looked around, it became clear that no one has produced an interesting map of the entire HRTechnology terrain recently. So, I figured I’d make a stab at it.

So far, my outline has 70 distinct silos. For each element, there is more than one vendor offering a standalone tool to solve the problem. I’ve placed the current version at the bottom of this piece.

There are many layers of detail beyond this already complicated map. While there are a few experts who understand the depth and complexity of the HRTech Universe, most people are not in that category.

I’m looking for input on the categories (what am I missing, what have I got wrong). I’ll continue to research the core elements intensely for the next week. I’d appreciate your feedback.


The Silos of HRTechOutline


I.  Core HRTech

IA.  Payroll
IB.  Scheduling
IC.  Workforce Management
ID.  Workforce Planning (Leave)
IE.   Benefits Admin
IF.   Case Management
IG.  Employee Comm
IH.  Wellness
II.   Time and Attendance
IK.  Employee Portals (Self Serve)
IL.  Asset Management
IM.  Risk Management
IN.  Compliance Monitoring

II.  Talent Management

IIA.  Learning/Development

IIA1.  Learning Management System
IIA2.  Authoring System
IIA3.  Skills Training
IIA4.  Skills Assessment
IIA5.  Credentialing
IIA6.  Requirements Development
IIA7.  External Content Curation
IIA8.  Certification
IIA9.  Testing

IIB.  Performance Management
IIC.  Compensation
IID.  Talent Acquisition

IID1.  Sourcing
IID2.  Selection
IID3.  Interviewing
IID4.  Recruiting
IID5.  Employment Branding
IID6.  Job Distribution
IID7.  Personality Assessment
IID8.  Relocation
IID9.  Internal Mobility
IID10.  Candidate Relationship Mgt
IID11.  Applicant Tracking
IID12.  Recruitment Marketing
IID13.  Job Tryouts
IID14.  Vendor Management
IID15.  Labor Markets
IID16.  Social Recruiting

IIE.  Succession Planning

IIF.  OnBoarding

IIF1.  Compliance Admin
IIF2.  Time to Productivity

IIG.  OffBoarding

IIG1.  Admin
IIG2.  Outplacement
IIG3.  Cobra and Admin

IIH.  Workforce Planning

III.  Employee Surveys

IIJ.  Career Management

III.  Data and Analytics

IIIA.  Data Integration
IIIB.  Data Models
IIIC.  Analytics Tools
IIID.  Visualization Tools
IIIE.  Dashboards
IIIF.  Benchmark Data
IIIG.  Monitoring and Wearables
IIIH.  Data Security
IIII.  API Design

IV.  Organizational Development

IVA.  Social Network Analysis|
IVB.  Org Charts/Design
IVC.  Job Description Management
IVD.  Job Design
IVE.  Assessment
IVF.  Coaching
IVG.  Competency Management

V.  Implementation & Transformation

VI.  Diversity & Inclusion

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