Dwane Lay -- Humans of Work project by Heather Bussing

Dwane Lay — Humans of Work project by Heather Bussing


What is most important to you about your work?

Growth.  If I’m not learning, I get stagnant and bored.  And I think we are at the point that people can so easily reach out beyond the confines of their job that getting bored becomes very, very dangerous.  At the same time, I try to contribute to the lives of others when possible.  Too many people get wrapped around their own axle when they see others being successful or being really driven.  I see it as growth.  And while I may not be their target audience, I try to never knock the hustle.  I’m happy to see others succeed, and if I can encourage them or provide assistance, so much the better.  That’s a highlight of being in HR, I think, and it’s why I started writing.



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