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hunite december 18, 2013 john sumser

The Hunite product takes all of the systems that are relevant to a user and presents them in a single user interface.

There are two sides to the data story. Over the past year, we’ve been focusing on the system data. The aggregate juice that gets consolidated, reported, merged, queried and combined. We’ve been looking at the stuff that flows uphill before it is rerouted as the framework for what flows downhill. The user we’ve been thinking about is an analyst helping the HR department tell its story.

HR plays a huge role in the day to day activities of employees. Often, the employee and her line manager are faced with multiple and conflicting systems for accomplishing basic work. An absence, for example, might have to be reported and approved in 3 systems. There is almost no observable control and feedback loop for the experience HR delivers to employees and their bosses.

When the working level user interface is hosed up, the organization has little recourse. A significant part of HR’s shabby organizational reputation comes from the fact that they deliver but are not accountable for user experience. As a result, many HR systems are only used where there is a direct personal consequence for not using them.

Even the worst time clock system gets used because failing to do so means not getting paid. The further an HR system is from that sort of consequence, the less likely it will be used. Single sign-on systems attempt to solve the problem but only succeed partially.

Hunite is an Amsterdam company that solves this problem for the employee with what they call an “Enterprise Mobile User Experience Overlay”. The Hunite product takes all of the systems that are relevant to a user and presents them in a single user interface. The approach standardizes access and returns time to the employee.

The Hunite toolkit passes info back and forth between applications, taking advantage of available APIs. Their implementations attempt to make sure that the user only has to deal with the stuff that matters.

Hunite is a pioneer in this area.

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