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“I don’t care If my employees are engaged. I have much higher expectations for their employee experience.”

I really don’t care if my employees are engaged (whatever that means).

I care that they believe I care about them as human beings, not just bags of skills that punch in and punch out every day. I care that they experience our culture as supporting their whole lives not just their work lives. I care that they feel strong and personal alignment with our mission and come to work every day to do their very best. I care that they aren’t afraid at work – afraid of their boss, afraid of being who they are, afraid of losing their job, afraid of thinking boldly. Taking fear out of the employee experience means unleashing creativity, collaboration and productivity. I really care about that.

I really don’t care if my employees have a best friend at work.

I care that they know they are respected for their skills and experiences. I care if they look around and see people who share their passion for our mission and our customers, and bring interesting, diverse skills and experiences to help them solve our customers’ problems.

I really don’t care how many service award plaques my employees have in their workspace.

I care that they know that what they do and what they bring are recognized and appreciated – by me, by their manager, by their peers and by our customers. I care that they feel they work in an organization with a foundation of gratitude. I care that they feel appreciated every day for their work and not thanked once a year for not quitting.

I really don’t care if my employees come to the office every day.

I care that they have the tools to be effective in solving the problems in front of them – for our organization and for our customers. I care that they can be productive wherever and whenever they’re on the job and that their manager supports their productivity as well as their growth and development. We also hire hvac services howell mi so that we have an office environment with good ventilation.

I really don’t care if we show up on any of the rankings of good cultures.

I care that my colleagues take pride in our mission, in our impact, and in the work they do individually and with their colleagues. If our employees are proud of our impact and their work then our employer brand will powerfully stand on its own. We won’t need external validation that our culture is mighty, caring and appreciative. The nature of social technology enabled transparency today ensures that our reputation will be known – and celebrated.

I really don’t care if I’m on some crowdsourced ranking of great CEOs.

I care that they trust me to have the best interests of the business, our mission, our employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate at heart all the time. I care that they know I’ll always be honest with them whether the news is good or not-so-good, and that my word is my bond. I care that they know they can approach me directly and that I’ll listen. I care that they know I care about them as mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, learners, community members, and, of course, as colleagues.

I really do care that my colleagues are healthy, happy, appreciated and developing their capacities to make a difference for us and for the world. I know that if they are those four things, then we will have been successful in creating a culture that values humanity in the workplace.

Because without humanity, we might as well be an organization of robots.

That’s why I don’t care If my employees are engaged. I have much higher expectations for their employee experience.

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