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A Shelf of HR Related Reading

This week, we’ve been looking through the reading and thinking lists of our HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board. It’s worth a little of your time to sample these august recommendations.

I am really fortunate to be on the receiving end of the work that the Editorial Advisory Board generates. These seasoned industry vets have a combination of astonishing desires to learn and the levels of experience required to really lead an industry.

For my part, I wanted better reading than I got. I read many of the books suggested by our team and can readily recommend them all. But, I needed more.

  • I read Edward Tufte’s amazing Beautiful Evidence. Equal parts beautiful and utilitarian, the book is one of many I plowed through trying to understand what visualization will mean in the next decade. We need graphical tools that help us pick out the valuable fly specks in a sea of pepper. Tufte heads in the right direction but leaves much to be desired. That means there’s no better starting place but the discussion is still primitive.
  • George Anders’ The Rare Find: Spotting Exceptional Talent Before Everyone Else has gotten a lot of ink here at the HRExaminer. It should be on everyone’s reading list. Anders tackles the obnoxious view that hiring is a function of matching requirements and resumes. The book is written from the rarefied perspective of organizations who have the potential to actually find those matches. Most don’t. The sequel ought to be called, “The Regular Find: How to Make the Most of What You Get.”
  • I’m in the middle of The Sociopath Next Door. 4% of the people in the world have no conscience and are driven exclusively be the desire to meet their own needs. Perhaps you work for or with one of these folks.

It’s been a great year here at the HRExaminer. During 2011, we tripled our audience, grew the Editorial Advisory Board and helped HRxAnalysts publish two major reports.

Our purpose is to help the industry think hard and clearly about the important tasks we shepherd and the future we are creating. The HR Department is the gateway to the 21st Century. Many of the key issues of the age will play out in HR Departments. There is no other operation positioned adequately to meet the massive influx of data, explosion if technology, legislative demand and social upheaval.

Thank you for reading. See you in 2012.

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